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Health Care Kits, LLC, features the indispensable "College Health Care Kit™." This kit includes everything a teen needs to care for him/herself while away at college. 

Developed by a nurse with over 25 years experience, this kit covers most health-related needs a student may have while away from home. The kit includes various first aid items, as well as a variety of important personal care items. 

The key element of the kit is the College Care Kit Booklet©, which includes:

  • A head-to-toe guide 
  • A personal section for health history, medications, etc
  • A general section that directs students to reliable free, confidential health information
  • Vital information specific to college-related health issues

The College Health Care Kit is an essential item for every college-bound student. Put your mind at ease. Send your student prepared, empowered to be a healthy coed.

Invest in your student’s health so the year can go that much more smoothly.


Your Complete College Care Kit

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